Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Blog Needs Help

We have had this blog for almost six years (yikes!). It began as a way for Matt and I to journal our adventures in Indonesia, then in pregnancy and then in parenthood. Facebook has almost taken over as a means for sharing pictures and stories, but that has unintentionally excluded some. So, my 2010 goal (one of them at least) is to revamp this blog and share more pictures and stories of our lives here (for anyone who might still be interested).

Here are my goals:
- update the template
- update the links with links to Facebook and picasa albums
- blog at least weekly (with pictures)

I just bought an application for my phone that will allow me upload posts away from the computer.
In case any of you (or maybe I should say either of you) didn't know, Matt has a blog where he posts some of his art, thoughts, and such here.


Griz said...

Nice! I may try to do the same. I feel ya. I started mine to vent but that doesn't always happen...lol

Anonymous said...

I like this idea!
-anonymous meme