Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Octopus Baby

Eleanor wasn't so sure about the pony rides. There was a little boy on another pony wearing a dragon costume. Every time he passed his dad, the dad would call out, "There's a dragon on that pony!" After hearing that about four times, Eleanor said, "Octopus ride pony too."

Friday, October 26, 2007



Don't forget to check for new photos at Matt's new Website (or add it to your rss reader): http://mattlumpkin.blogspot.com. You can get to it from the link at the side of this page, and click the "blog" tab. I'm posting my favorite non-Eleanor pictures there these days in conjunction with my Lumpkin Photography site.
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Swing Swing

These are for Shelly Wyers who made action shots like these possible through generous camera sponsoring.
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Cooking, Painting, and Going to Work

This morning Eleanor and I made "play-doh." Eleanor thought it was great fun. She asked for the M and S cookie cutters for "Bicah" and "Sisas" (or Micah and Silas for those of you who don't speak Eleanorese). It really cracks me up when she says things like "M for Bicah" or "G for Rarara" (translated: Grandfather).

Matt and Eleanor painted while I was at work today. I hung Eleanor's paintings up in the kitchen and she insisted that I hang "Daddy's too."

Also while I was at work, Eleanor got her things together to go to "work:" a fitted sheet (which has been a favorite toy this week), her purse (from the Northcuts, thanks!), and, of course, her Curious George flashlight.

The above was actually all from Monday. For some reason, the pictures wouldn't post then, so I waited and tried again.

Here's one more funny Eleanor story since you had to wait so long:
Last night Matt was preparing for a class discussion he to lead. He was reading the Sermon on the Mount and decided to read it out loud to Eleanor. When he finished, Eleanor promptly said, "Jesus open mouth" then demonstrated an open mouth. Matt was a bit confused for a minute, then he realized that the passage began, "And Jesus opened his mouth and taught...". Today we were having coffee with a friend and I asked Eleanor what Jesus did. She answered, "Jesus open mouth growl [like a] bu-bah [bear]." We really need to do something about this child's theology.

Friday, October 12, 2007

E is for Nanor

Eleanor is constantly impressing me with her memory. Tonight in her bath she was talking about "baby Ethan." In June, we saw some of our friends who have a baby named Ethan (and Jordan who's almost three). Ethan was asleep in his swing for most of our visit. Tonight when Eleanor started talking about baby Ethan, I asked her what he was doing. She answered, "swing swing." I think people seriously underestimate young children's memories. Eleanor is also very good at remembering people's names. Sometimes she will randomly start talking about someone by name and it will take me a long time to figure out who she is talking about.

In other Eleanor news, her imagination seems to be off and running. She mimics, pretends and narrates constantly. My calculator has become her phone. An empty medicine bottle has become alternately bubble tea or just bubbles (she pretends to pull a wand out and blow). This sheet became her "shower." I'm not sure why, but she thought it was hilarious.

Eleanor's new favorite pasttime is "play puzzles." This alphabet one is a favorite, even though it's missing the letter G. She knows most of her letters now and likes to associate them with words. M is for mommy. D is for Daddy. E is for "Nanor."

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The end is the beginning.

Many astute blog readers have noticed that the title of this little blog has changed. With each major change in life we have shifted the blog title to indicate the shifting challenges and joys of each new phase of our family's existence.

First it was "Nintendonesia" (thanks Alice). Then when we were back in the States it became "Like Pumpkin but with an L" And now, well, let's just say the new title is indicative of the shift in focus this blog has taken lately.

Though the name has changed, this shall remain the place for the latest and greatest pictures of E (see below)

Eleanor on campus at Fuller

Eleanor in an apple car with a worm

Eleanor at our favorite new Chinese/Bubble Tea Resteraunt

However, this is not all the news I have to announce. In my attempts to pursue my dream of making a bit of money shooting photographs, I designed and built a photography portfolio website to that end, to peddle my digital wares: mattlumpkin.com
If you are a friend or family, beware you may find yourself in my portfolio (if you really don't want to be, just email me). But you should at least click through to find out who ended up where. Odds are if I've shot photos for you at all in the past, you're there.

I've also begun a new photoblog mattlumpkin.wordpress.com

in connection my photographic endeavors on which I plan to post my best photos taken lately and from time to time. Don't worry, if there's overlap, between what's best and what's best of Eleanor, you'll be sure to see it here too. And for those of you using google reader or some other such gatherer-together of information, the new photoblog has a handy RSS feature that lets your RSS reader keep up with checking to see if anything is new. If you have no idea what I'm talking about with all this technobabble then don't worry. The time you would save by using it would be wasted by the time it would take to learn about it and implement it.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Baby Backpack

Since Eleanor was a very small infant, she has enjoyed being worn in various carriers. We've gone from the B'jorn to different wraps and things I've made. She still loves being in the "backpack" even though usuallly she's on my front. I wish she would ride on my back, that would be much more comfortable. Since a lot of the people we live around walk most places they go, we constantly see babies being worn in slings or carriers of some sort. Today Eleanor found a pair of tights and was trying to fashion a "backpack" to carry her baby around in. I found some soft fabric and made a simple sling for her. She loves it.