Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We went camping over Memorial Day weekend with a big group of people from our church. The camp grounds were in Malibu cayon and were beautiful. This state park is most famous for being the filming site of MASH and something else I forgot. All the landscape looked very much like MASH, but not so much like Korea (from pictures I've seen).

We spent Saturday at Leo Carillo beach. Matt surfed. Eleanor played in the sand. I hung out under the umbrella.

I'm pretty sure Eleanor loves camping so much because of the food. We had a very loose policy this weekend concerning what she ate and she enjoyed that immensely: Frosted Flakes for breakfast, Cheetos for lunch, s'mores after dinner.

Sunday we went hiking. We only made the three-ish mile hike instead of the 5ish one to the MASH site or longer to Reagan's ranch. Eleanor caught a ride the whole time. Matt was pretty wiped by the end of the hike.
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Eleanor enjoyed sharing snacks with Brady. Mostly because Brady had Cheetos.

She was also able to get a little fishing in using Brady's pole. She didn't catch anything and I'm pretty sure she would have dropped the pole if she had.

Eleanor also decided this weekend on a new profession: a "wheat cutter." Forget dreams of being a "baby doctor" or an artist, she's on to more noble pursuits.