Saturday, February 26, 2005


Well it is a sunny Saturday morning and as reticent as I am to admit it, we have much to be thankful for. Why am I so begrudging toward this fact? I can only say that all the upheaval of the past few months has left me at times, not a little frustrated and sullen (as my friends here in Little Rock can attest). As I read over the posts from our time in Indonesia I find a few that I enjoy and most that sound to me like what I imagine my own child will sound like when I ask him do something that to him seems difficult. I can stand other people’s whining a great deal better than my own. But I digress. After last weekend in the hospital, a change of medicine and a visit yesterday with the Baby Doctors Melody and our baby are doing well.

I am thankful this morning for a place to sleep and wake and make hot chocolate and music; a place to make our own and make ready for our new family member.

I am thankful for the sound of a little peanut-sized heart beating faster than a techno drum-beat calling out to us from inside Melody; for every little “wump” sound that the Doctor told us was the baby kicking at the mini-doppler probe (apparently some kids don’t like the way ultra-sonic waves feel passing through their little sensory deprivation chambers).

I am thankful for the physicians, the medicines and the science that are able to help solve the enigmas of our bodies when they start to work against themselves.

I am thankful for Family and friends (who act like family) who feel it with us so that it doesn’t feel so hard as it might; for the love of our Father aimed at us from so many angles and so many hearts; for the patience of those around us when we’re less than patient.

I am thankful for the help we get when it seems like it’s not coming.

I am thankful for life and the wife that rests in the next room; for Saturday mornings with time to spare.

What are you thankful for?