Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Everything and Nothing

Eleanor and Max were baby-sitting the other night (almost literally). Max was amazed by Charlotte's "green poop!!". Here they are fighting over who would get to put the pacifier back in Charlotte's mouth.

In other news, Charlotte had an epic spit-up. Of course, I had to take a picture before I cleaned us both up.

Charlotte enjoys being in the sling. I enjoy carrying her. I put her facing out so she could see and she fell asleep. Today I took the stroller to play school. Eleanor rode in it on the way there. Neither child rode in it on the way home (it's a double stroller). Charlotte was in the sling (she prefers it to the stroller), Eleanor was walking and riding her scooter, and I was pushing the stroller, carrying Charlotte, carrying a not quite dry painting and at times carrying the scooter. I'm getting better at multitasking.

One of my favorite things about Fuller is how many families there are. We met Lukas today. I think he and Charlotte will be good friends.

In other news, this is what we woke up to Saturday morning. This reminded me of my mission to get speed bumps on our street.

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Griz said...

I heard about that car from Lindsay. She thought the lady had initially hit our car, but thank goodness no.