Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Evil Lincoln

Have you seen this Lincoln? He was last seen with these two babies. They both seem to intuitively sense his unseemly manner and cannot meet his steely gaze.

He bears a chilling resemblance to this Lincoln, known to be evil.

Help us, Princess Leia, you're our only hope.


In case you hadn't already guessed, this unseemly Halloween post has been brought to you by Matt "Vampire Hunter" Lumpkin.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Matt and Eleanor

Tonight as I was cooking dinner Matt was playing with Eleanor. When I looked out the kitchen window, I saw that Matt on his skateboard and Eleanor in the back of Matt's truck beside her skateboard. Matt said that she never made the connection between what he was doing on his skateboard and her skateboard.

This video is from a couple of weeks ago. It's another example of Matt entertaining Eleanor. They have so much fun together.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Making Crayons

This morning Eleanor and I went to a couple of yard sales. All we found was an old school box of crayons, crayon bits, and a few other random school supplies. I paid ten cents for the whole thing. After sorting out all the crayons, which Eleanor helped with, I began peeling the wrappers off and sorting them by color. I broke the bigger pieces into smaller bits and put them in lined muffin cups.

I baked the crayons for 15 minutest at 200 degrees and this was the result:

After lunch, Eleanor and I went out on the deck to enjoy some nice cool fall air and color. She used her suprise box for a table and played with her crayons for quite some time.

I think she likes them. 'Twas a dime well spent.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Our Camera Came Home

After a nice vacation in Illionis, our camera came home with new parts that make it work again. As a celebration, I'm going to post pictures and two (yes, you read correctly: two) videos.

Saturday Matt, Eleanor and I went to Garvin Woodlands Gardens for some festivites. It was a beautiful day. Eleanor and I played outside while Matt went to a chapel dedication service. They have built a beautiful new wood and glass chapel nestled in the woods. While Eleanor wasn't impressed by the architecture, she was impressed by the grass, leaves, and waterfall.

Every Monday morning Eleanor and I go to the library for story time. It is usually great fun. After story time, I let Eleanor look at books. Today she was interested in Maurice Sendak's lesser known works.

And now for the promised videos. The first is from last week. Eleanor has begun her journey as in bipedalism. She still needs Dumbo's feather most of the time. Today she walked across the room with a toy screwdriver in one hand and a book in the other. If she realizes that what she's holding is not supporting her, she sits down and goes back to Jungle Book style crawling.

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This video is from tonight. Eleanor likes to put her toys in the tube for her bath. Tonight she found a more efficient method.

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