Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Eleanor loves to help me water our "garden." I've tried to teach her to merely look at the plants, smell them or blow on them, but sometimes she just can't resist. Yesterday, she plucked this little tomato. Usually she goes for the basil.
Of course, she tried to put it back.

While we were outside, we had to feed the birds (or rather squirrels). If you are wondering, the tu-tu was Eleanor's choice. She got it out of her drawer (it was a hand-me-down) and was frustrating herself trying to put it on. Once she got it on, she didn't like the way the sequins felt under her arms and kept complaining about her "elbow."
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LeLe said...

Love the Twinkerbell costume! She's so cute.

Jennie said...

I love the tu-tu!
I'm jealous of your tomatoes and basil.

The Fanks said...

I think it's great you are teaching her to interact with your garden. There's something really special about watching something grow after you've fed it and watered it and cared for it. -a

FNWyers said...

Eleanor's paternal grandmother had a tutu at the age of 2 also and a picture to prove it. We'll show Eleanor sometime. Yeah, those sequins can be scratchy!

B. Utter said...

Your garden looks lovely! And Eleanor's pretty cute too in that darling get-up. Is that cilantro as well? I've had a tough time growing that one.