Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Allie and Taylor doing what they do best. I don't have many pictures from our time at the lake...especially pictures that I'm willing (or allowed) to show.

A two carrot girl is worth more than a two karot diamond. Eleanor pulled these carrots herself and enjoyed them much.

Eleanor loves Donkey. She calls him "hee haw." Donkey caused a bit of a stir this morning by escaping his pen. I'm not a very good donkey herder and no one else (except Eleanor) was home.

My dad took Eleanor fishing. She released the crickets and tried to kiss the fish. I think she liked it.

I thought Eleanor would enjoy painting with water colors. My mom found some paper and we sat outside for some afternoon art. She painted with the brush for awhile, then she had to feel of the paint with her fingers. When her pointer finger was covered, my dad told her to touch her nose. She touched her nose, then proceeded to paint my dad's big toe.


Sooz said...

The last picture is priceless!

joshuadf said...

Sounds like a wonderful outdoor vacation, makes me jealous. Hope you're having a great time with family with Matt gone.

allie said...