Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Goke and Superhero Quiz

Eleanor has recently taken her reading to an all new level. If I am able and willing we will sometimes read through 10 or more books at a time. One of the books she wanted to read this morning was Yoko by Rosemary Wells. This is a fun diversity-is-good story about a cat whose classmates make fun of her for eating sushi and red bean ice cream. Eleanor calls the book "Goke." We were in Kroger today and passed by the little sushi counter. Eleanor got real excited and exclaimed repeatedly, "GOKE! GOKE!". It seemed like a great way to connect literature to life, so we bought some sushi (since we haven't ever given Eleanor seafood products before it was really veggie rolls). When I got it out and set it on the table, Eleanor excitedly went and found Yoko to show me that it was the same. She didn't actually like the sushi that much. She took it apart and ate the carrots, played with the avocado, and smelled the ginger. She liked to make the seaweed and rice stand up like a wall and have the carrots "knock knock." Then the seaweed became a bed for the carrots to go "night night."

So, everyone's been taking these super hero/villain quizzes lately. I just wanted to join the fun.

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LeLe said...

You rock, Spiderman or Spidergirl...whichever you decide to be. That's a really neat story about E and the sushi.