Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sacred Space

For the past few days I have worshipped daily with fellow ministers of the gospel from traditions, creeds and churches other than my own.

In this space, the chapel of the unnamed faithful, at a methodist seminary outside of chicago, I have experienced the truth that we truly are many members but one body. Thanks be to God.


Sooz said...

I love this post.

B. Utter said...

Careful Matt.
You're beginning to sound downright Episcopalian.

LeLe said...

What beautiful stained glass. I'm glad you had the chance to worship with other believers of different denominations and have a positive experience. Sometimes we let the little differences cause problem but our main focus should be on Jesus Christ.

tigbeane said...

One big body, lots of children, and God picked us. Amazing. Beautiful place you are at.

If it weren't for the panic attacks and stress of meeting new people I would love to visit around different churches. Gotta get over that.

joshuadf said...

Reading Generous Orthodoxy?

M. Lumpkin said...

If I'm sounding Episcopalian it's b/c I've been spending entirely too much time with them (and enjoying it). It's funny when you're one of a few in the room who doesn't know when to say "thanks be to God."

who says panic attacks weren't part of my experience? Good times.

And no, Josh, Brian McLaren doesn't have a monopoly on ecumenical goodwill. I hear good things about that book though.

joshuadf said...

True, but I think he makes a "Thanks be to God!" pun... ah yes, thanks to Amazon:

on Page 226:
"... But have you experienced well-written, prayerfully planned liturgy led by gifted, enthusiastic, passionate leaders? You'll find yourself saying, "Thanks be to God!"