Friday, June 15, 2007

Test #2


M. Lumpkin said...

Great Success!

joshuadf said...

Now, was all that from the phone wifi? If so, what's the phone? I'm assuming it's not a pre-release iphone. :)

M. Lumpkin said...

All from the phone. I tried to post a video from the phone last night but I was told it was too big.

The phone is a refurbished ATT 8525 (aka HTC TyTYN, funky Taiwanese names). HTC makes the T-Mobile sidekick and several other mobiles with slide out keyboards etc. They just let the carriers brand them.

It's the only non-iPhone mobile from ATT with Wifi. It also uses their hi-speed 3G data service (for $40 a month). I don't have need of that or the $40, so I had them block that service from my account so I hop wifi hotspots (home, work, church, etc).

joshuadf said...

Interesting. So do you even need a contract with The New AT&T to use the wifi?

M. Lumpkin said...

as far as I understand the wifi functions are independent of any contracts with att. So you shouldn't need a contract to use it. Just an unsecure wireless network or a network key. Compared to the Palm TX I demo'ed recently from our IS dept. at work, the 8525 is much much better at finding and connecting to networks. That may have more to do with Windows Mobile vs. Palm OS than anything...

We just happen to use them for our wireless voice service and I got a good deal on the phone through the website and my employee discount. The wifi functions are independant of att but the iPhone and my device "piggyback" or use both in conjunction where available and default to cell service otherwise. I simply disabled the data portion of the cell service b/c I don't wanna pay the big bucks. My brother told me he heard you can't even get ATT to let you use an iPhone unless you buy unlimited data along with it. It's a package deal.

In fact the woman on the Phone at ATT who I had disable my cell data function said she'd never had anyone ask for that.

If this thread is a little tech heavy for any of you loyal readers, just wait.

I'm going to try to experiment with mobile blogging some shots of Eleanor while we're at the Lake for the next few days with the McNary's.