Sunday, February 26, 2006


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I finally uploaded some more pictures to our flickr site (you can see them by clicking on this picture).

The last two weeks have been very long with Eleanor being sick and me (lody) being a bit ill as well. We finally figured out how to get Eleanor to take her medicine. We have to give the dropper to her. Everything in her hands goes in her mouth, so we put the dropper in her hand and it goes in her mouth. Babies are crrrraaaaaaazy.

I've been working sudoko puzzles. The problem with them is while I'm solving them my mind is constantly singing the "onetwothree-four-five-sixseveneightnine..." from Sesame Street. Then there's never a place for the "ten...eleven-twelve."


jennie said...

Maybe you could design a NEW puzzle using 1-12!

I'm glad I'm not the only one hooked.

the fanks. said...

melody, they actually do make sudoku puzzles from 1-12. so, if you need to sing the sesame street song, you can... joel f.

the fanks. said...

I LOVE that song. I wanted to know the park in which the lady bugs had their outing. *a