Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Photo of the Day - Dr. Brewer

(plus a conspicuous speck of dust)

Sundry Miscelany:

-Today I ran into old OBU friends at the hospital. Sam Wenger among them. Long time no see. You never know who will be wandering through there (or who I'm allowed to speak of by virtue of the rules created by the Health Information Privacy and Portability Act , HIPPA, for short [not to be confused with COBRA, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconcilliation Act, or the enemies of G.I. Joe]).

-When your baby cries it feels like she's stabbing at your soul.

-Some have deduced by clever sleuthery and I'll be attending the Wilco Concert in Fayetteville on Mar. 18th. I'm very excited and my good friend Matt Cleveland, and oft-seen-of-late acquantence, Mason, will be there as well. If you're there I'll look for you. Especially you, Brock.

-The conference you saw Eleanor packing for in Atlanta was very enjoyable. We learned more about a group of Baptists who are doing interesting things (this same group pays the bills for our friends Shane and Dianne in Slovakia; see linked blog).

-I just don't think that good ends justify bad means. Especially if those means are torture. Cheers to those who will stand up and write something about it.

-My good friend Brandon, from whose wedding this series of photos originates, is not feeling well. He's sick, but fortunately not nearly as sick has he had thought. Good deal. I think this will be the last of the photos from his wedding. Next, we'll be moving to some photos a great deal older... Tune in tomorow to find out what... or when...

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