Monday, February 20, 2006

Photo of the Day - Self Portrait

A couple of years ago we lived in Malvern and I was shooting a lot of Kodak T-Max Black and White film mostly because it was cheap and I could process it in the sink at home and we didn't have a lot of money. I shot a lot of rolls and didn't get them all developed before we left for Indonesia. When we got back I rediscovered these rolls and had them developed. The last photo and the next few are from that set.

Today's pic is from one of these rolls that I apparently shot twice. The entirely accidental double-exposures made for some interesting juxtapositions (the word all artsy types love to get a chance to use). This is one of my favorites. It's one of the few pics of myself I actually like, mostly because I seem to have captured that smouldering, male-model, boy-band, album-cover look. That, and it makes it look like I'm thinking of stuff, but it's unclear what.

What do you see in it?


the fanks. said...

You look like you need a cigarette butt in your hand or an angry girlfriend in the background.

moby said...

one eye is in shadow and the other, sort of garbled by the dub-ex. makes you seem < human.


PS. i shot a roll of t-max and there are lines through the frames from the sproket hole to sproket hole. wha happened? maybe i'll post it on my yanga for a professional assessment.

the fanks. said...

the thing on the far right looks like a time machine.


M. Lumpkin said...

how do you know I don't have a butt in my hand?

I'd have to see in order to diagnose. Are there lines between each hole, or just some? Perhaps the film wasn't spoolled properly and ended up touching, preventing even chemical coverage?

it is, in fact, a time machine. In actuality, its the stage upon which Audio Adrenaline is about to perform in 2003, 2004. They were in great need of a time machine to take them back to a time when their age (and bodies) matched their music. You shoulda seen the beer gut on that guy...