Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ready to Go

Ready to Go
Originally uploaded by bendblock.
Eleanor didn't quite grasp the concept of packing. She tends to be myopic.

The winner of today's contest was the first commenter with the answer: beets. Unfortunately, the contestant forfeited their prize by not signing their name.


the fanks. said...

That might be my favorite photo of Eleanor yet. Is she packing for your trip to Atlanta? *a

Anonymous said...

The winner was me! Your mother, Melody! I knew because your brother Josh loved beets when he was a baby! And I remembered the "look"!
Melody's Mother Mary

Floater said...

youre turning out some fine pictures these days. Its exciting to see your baby--youre in for a lot of fun--I know youre having a lot already. William's 4&1/2 these days, you know. He's practically grown up.

Viator said...

I think it's obvious that by "beets," Anonymous meant "beats me." I am therefore pleased and honored to accept by default the prize on his/her behalf.

Anonymous said...

I wanna guess what Eleanor's eating, despite the fact that the contest is over and the correct answer has already been given.
May I defy the logic of all texxt laws?

M. Lumpkin said...

I only know of two people who ever listend to that album to which "texxt laws" alludes who also know me. Cleveland usually signs his comments. Could it be that David Westbrook has crossed our path? I dare not think.

And in answer to your question, Yes. You may

ange said...

no way. i'm the only contestant courageous enough to use my name. i get the prize by default.