Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Sugar cookies are very much part of my family tradition. Not just normal sugar sprinkled on top cookies, but detailed, extravagantly iced cookies. I know everyone says their grandma made the best cookies, but mine really did. I have memories of decorating cookies with her. This was not a fast process. It involved icing in multiple colors, candy and sprinkles for accents, toothpicks for detailing and a lot of patience. My favorites were the camels in the Christmas cookies. They had tiny silver balls that would almost break your teeth, but were pretty to look at.

When Matt and I got married, Grandma gave me a sample of her cookie cutters--some for every holiday. Coupled with all the cookie cutters my mom gave me, we have a cookie cutter for almost any occasion: Christmas, Easter, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, robot parade, school themed, and animals of all kinds. All that being said, I don't think I've ever used most of the cookie cutters.

While digging through a cabinet the other night, I found a set of letter cookie cutters that my mom gave Eleanor a long time ago. I decided that Eleanor was old enough to help make some cookies. The next morning, while Charlotte was napping, we mixed up the dough. Charlotte woke up in time to watch us cut them out (poor second child).

Eleanor's favorite part was decorating them. She said it's her new favorite thing to do. (I think all the sugar involved may have something to do with that.)

I let Eleanor use the scraps to make her own creation. She sculpted it into a little girl holding a flower and layered the icing on pretty heavily.

I think it's fitting that Eleanor's first cookie making experience was with my grandma. Coincidentally, it was Grandma's last.

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