Thursday, March 18, 2010

Caterpillar Adoption Night

It's finals week here. It's almost over, which means we get Matt back soon. I try to find things during finals week to keep the girls and me busy. Tuesday night Kidspace had their annual Caterpillar Adoption Night, an event with caterpillar/butterfly themed crafts, songs and activities. Eleanor had a blast. Charlotte had a nap, but liked the parts she saw.

Eleanor's favorite part of Kidspace is the tricycle track. She's getting very good at following the arrows and stopping at the stop sign. Okay, this picture shows her not on the track at all, but most of the time she was.

Charlotte and I watched.

Eleanor was in craft heaven. They had most of her favorite activities: painting, beads, decorating cookies, gluing and more. First she made a caterpillar.

Then we looked at all the insects. This is a scorpion, or as Eleanor said, "Look at this crab!"

Eleanor was so excited to decorate her own cookie. She put huge globs of this red decorating gel on the butterfly cookie.
After eating it she looked a bit like a vampire after a feast or a geisha.
We went on to make antenna and wings for Eleanor to wear when she wanted to be a butterfly.
We came home with our newest pet, a little caterpillar. It's tiny, but is already growing. In about a week, it should make a cocoon. Eleanor thought that the caterpillar should live with Hermit (the snail), but I convinced her to keep them separate.

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