Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beach Day

Our neighbors and good friends recently moved away. Luckily, they didn't move too far and they moved closer to the beach. We went to see them and take Charlotte to meet the sand and sea. I like this picture of Sarann and all the colors.
Eleanor has been asking for a kite for a very long time. I bought a cheap kite at Target last week and hoped that it would work well enough to appease her desire. It worked beautifully. I literally put it together and then held it up while I let out string. No effort whatsoever and it flew great. Eleanor had no trouble navigating it herself, but lost interest fairly quickly.

Eleanor thought it would be fun to be buried in the sand. She didn't like sandy results.
Charlotte enjoyed the beach. She didn't eat any sand, but was very interested in everything (and very sleepy).
Somehow I stepped in tar. Matt helped me scrape most of it off with a shell. I was able to get the rest completely off with a oily sugar scrub (from Bath and Body Works).
Dan and Sarann were discussing the Tea Party.
Charlotte was playing E.T.

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