Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Sugars

We have a model for solving problems with Eleanor that I got from this book. One of us will state the problem and then we work together to come up with possible solutions. We talk over what each solution would look like and if they are viable or not and try to come to a solution that works for all parties involved.

Recently we were having a problem with sugar. Kids are sugar magnets. Every one wants to give them treats because it makes them so happy. I end up becoming the sugar police, a role I do not enjoy and Eleanor was prone to sugar wanting meltdowns. So after a particularly sugary day, I sat Eleanor down and we had a conversation about the sugar problem. We decided that Eleanor would be allowed a certain number of sugary treats every day and that she could decide when and what they would be. After a bit of haggling, we compromised on three sugars per day and that big things (cupcakes, ice cream cones, etc) would count as two.

This was the end of sugar induced tantrums. For the first week, she would meet her quota by noon. Then she learned to say, "No, I don't want that candy because I want dessert after dinner." She's learning self-control, budgeting, moderation...I couldn't be more proud. The strange part is if she meets her sugar quota and then is offered another candy, she takes it and almost forces it upon someone else so she can enjoy it vicariously. We're still working on that.

Tonight we had all three sugars at once. We had dessert at a soda shop. Eleanor and I split a hot fudge sundae. It was fantastic--hot fudge under and covering the ice cream, served on a plate to catch the overflow, fresh whipped creme with two cherries on top. Here it was beginningish.

Eleanor, a true girl, liked the chocolate the best.

I took this picture thinking we were finished. It was my "after" shot.

But Eleanor had other plans: "I want to make it where they don't have to clean it."

Unfortunately that made it where I had to clean her. She's such a fun child.

As we walked into the soda shop, Eleanor was singing an original tune with the lyrics, "I didn't make a mess." She changed it after we had our ice cream.
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Allie her Frogness said...

Not liking chocolate isn't bad!