Friday, March 07, 2008

Not in (Ar)Kansas Anymore

We are constantly having moments when we realize that Southern California is a different culture from the South. For example, when I went to vote a woman behind me had her fully clothed dog with her. Animals are treated as children- pushed in strollers, taken to day care, given therapy, etc. Another example, it's not uncommon for someone to pay hundreds of dollars for an outfit of jeans, t-shirt and flip flops. Being a parent is different out here too. I realized this when I was flipping through a LA Parent free magazine and saw this:
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ryanb said...

wow (turn it upside down) mom

Sooz said...

It does make you appreciate where your from more...for me anyhow.

Allie said...

so, what surgery are you going to get melody? ha ha just kidding!!

PS: I got it from my daddy