Sunday, March 02, 2008

Art, Fish, Books, and Technology

Yesterday Eleanor drew a self portrait. While it is not perfect, it does have many aspects of her face. The circle is her head, the dark scribbles at the top are hair. The straight horizontal line right under the hair is a mouth. The thick dot is the nose. The two smaller dots are eyes and the two vertical lines at the bottom are feet.

Last week we took a trip to the aquarium in Long Beach. It was way too crowded, but pretty neat otherwise.

Eleanor's love for books has blossomed in the last couple of months. She has become quite forceful in her requests for reading. Several times a day, I feel little hands force a book into my hands (as in remove anything from my hands and place the book in its stead). Matt has a rule that he will not read the same book more than once in a day.

One night as Matt was making dinner, Eleanor ran into the kitchen and exclaimed, "I made you, Daddy!". When Matt went to investigate, he found that she had somehow opened his email account, started an email to one of his friends, and then clicked on his profile so his picture came up.

In other news, Eleanor favorite toys this week include her Brio train set, Hot Wheels, and the Little People. She has a little stroller for her babies. She likes to stack all three of them in there together and push them around. She's a funny kid.
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Allie said...

I LOVE HER!! can't wait till I see her again!!

joshuadf said...

As I read this I thought, "Huh, well that's something Cedar doesn't do even though she's the same age." And on getting home from work she shows me a picture she drew of herself.