Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun with Hexagons

Tonight Eleanor was eating a chip. She showed it to me and catagorized it as a triange. A few seconds later, she showed it to me again and declared it a hexagon. I didn't believe her at first. Then I realized that she had bitten off all the corners, leaving it with six sides. So, I asked her if she wanted to make a movie of it. She agreed, but you can tell that she's more interested in eating the chip, hexagon or no.

Hexagon from m lumpkin on Vimeo.

Logically, I would think that Eleanor would confuse hexagons with pentagons since she counts "1,2,3,4,6..." most of the time.

In other Eleanor news, she is enjoying books and music more than ever. She asks for both on a regular basis. Today we were at the playground with a lot of her friends when she came over to me and said, "Read me book." I had to explain that their weren't any books at the playground.

She is also enjoying jumping, hopping, and bouncing. She loves jumping off of things (curbs, steps, step stools).

We are hearing a lot of "Why?" these days. Sometimes we turn the tables on Eleanor and ask her why:
"Why did you take all your clothes out of your dresser?"
"Why did you pee in the floor?"
"Why did you wipe mustard all over your sweater?"
Her answer is always the same:
"Because I like to."


Allie said...

SHe is so cute! I didn't know she could talk!!! ha ha does she really pee in the floor?

joshuadf said...

Fun times. Cedar's favorite answer to any "How was...?" question is "It was great."

Sooz said...

Haha we do the same with my niece with all her why questions. Eleanor has a fantastic mind!

B & B said...

She has such a sweet voice to go with the brainy vocabulary!