Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Weekend at Forest Home (Ojai, CA)

And so it turns out that where we were going wasn't Santa Barbara after all. But in fact, a great deal East of there. Now we had been warned that we were going "South" of Santa Barbara. However, this was a metaphorical South as in, South on "the 101." Ah well. It was still a delightful place and we had plenty of time to spend relaxing and getting to know lots of other Fuller folk. Melody even had time to squeeze in a zip-line ride and I a mountain board ride.

What is a mountain board you say? Think this:

Well... More like this:

Though, after 8 hours of childcare we were exhausted, we all had a good time and got another social headstart on the school-year.

Stay tuned, up next, a post about a walk to the library with Eleanor. Don't miss it!


Sooz said...

Looks like an awesome place for a weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt & Melody,
Glad you got the oleh oleh:). I knew you would enjoy the Durian candy, but I am sure Melody hates me for it now ( ha ha ha). Anywho, magnostein, I haven't had that in a long time. If you want to write me an e-mail my address is westoeastrf@yahoo.com
Have a good weekend.
Rachel Farmer