Saturday, September 22, 2007

Coffee, Shopping and the Girl in the Mirror

The other morning Matt and Eleanor shared some coffee. Matt enjoyed his more than Eleanor enjoyed hers, but she really liked the little "Eleanor-sized" coffee cup.

Yesterday Eleanor and I went shopping. She needs new shoes. I found some online and decided to take Eleanor to the physical store to have her try them on. The store had a very small selection compared to the website, so we ended up not getting shoes. We did, however, find a belt, tights, and some giraffe panties. She wanted to try everything on together when we got home.

At lunch time today our doorbell rang. It was the postman with a box for Eleanor. She was very excited about the new dress. Thanks Meme and Grandfather!

Matt starts classes on Monday. It looks like our three schedules (Matt's classes, my work, and Eleanor's nap) are going to work out quite well together.


Sooz said...

The second picture is priceless...gotta love the panties, belt, and stockings altogether. Eleanor looks so cute in that foo foo dress.

The Fanks said...

Is E really drinking coffee? Is she one of us now?