Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pasadena Public Library

We have a great library. It is two blocks from our house. This is so convenient we walk there regularly to get DVD's comics and occasionally books.

Eleanor loves to put book after book on the reading table in the children's section. She rarely reads them because there are so many more to pick out.

When we get ready to leave she likes to run around in the outside courtyard with the fountain.

"Oh. Hello there." Says the man with funny socks.

Library time is fun.


FNWyers said...

Would love to see Eleanor and the man with the funny socks, but cannot see ANY of the pictures. Can you help?

ange said...

i can't see the pictures!!!!

M. Lumpkin said...

Sorry about that. Try it now.

FNWyers said...

Oh, yes! I saw it all and it looks as if you three are enjoying the European life in Pasadena.

Sooz said...

Oh how I would love the library to be that close to my house. We have a terrible library in our little rural town of Arkansas...surprise..surprise!
Eleanor looks so cute!