Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Visit to the Giant Octopus

Today Melody and I braved the California DMV. While Melody wrangled with the many-armed beaurocracy of the Department of Motor Vehicles, Eleanor and I visited Fry's Electronics. The space alien theme of the massive superstore is undercut by the tired distractedness of the employees.

Perhaps they were more dismayed at Eleanor's creative mouse restocking strategies.

When I asked Eleanor what she thought the Octopus wanted there in the store she said: "Eat."
"Eat what?"
"Bite what?"

Despite any nefarious intentions sensed by my child she insisted on returning to the computer section, with tables made up of the creature's tendrils literally bursting through the floor tile. A fun place.

We'll be on internet hiatus for the weekend (not that it will make much difference for all we post) as we've hastily taken on the duties of childcare for a Fuller staff retreat this weekend in Santa Barbara (it's a paying gig).

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Now for those of you who are geographically challenged like I am when it comes to California I've included a map from those nice folks at google who are busy reading all our emails and blogposts and stealing all our best ideas. Hi guys!


Sooz said...

I love reading your blog and its hard to fathom the massiveness of California. I'm awe struck by it.

Anonymous said...

you rock...does eleanor miss me?