Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Eleanor Helps Pack

Eleanor wanted to make sure that we didn't leave any necessary items, so she packed her own box using the stomping method to make more space.


LeLe said...

I love this photo!

Sooz said...

Gosh I wish I were that small to curl up in a box...awesome. Great picture!

joshuadf said...

I think you're moving soon... so:

Have a great trip!

Wish you were here.

Enjoy the nice parts of travel and getting to know a new place.

Anonymous said...

Hai Matt and Melody,
I hope that Elanor poked some holes in that box for you, Melody! ha ha ha ha. Anyway, I got your comment posted on my Suroboyo Silakan blog (actually that blog is for my Indonesian friends, so you can keep looking at the cokelatislandgirl blog, it is in English:). Yes, I do have oleh-oleh for you and I need to send it before I move to Texas for school! That is great that you are going to Fuller I have a friend there, see if you can find her, her name is Caroline Freer, she is a fellow Islander:). I'll send the oleh oleh to Pasedena:).

ps. this is the English blogspot: