Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Bed Bed Book House




Ahhh. We've finally made it to our new abode. We've finally unpacked enough boxes to be able to walk through the place without cursing and rueing the day (as much). We've finally managed to find an unsecured wireless network in our building (well actually that was one of the first orders of business). I've been here a week, the girls a little less and we thought it was time for an update.

Above you see several photos we just took (this is live, up to the minute stuff folks) of Melody and Eleanor on Eleanor's exclusive balcony on this Craftsman style home. The building is over a hundred years old and comes with some accompanying quirks but we're starting to feel at home. Our neighborhood is wonderful and we already feel welcomed by those living here in Ford Place. Across the street is a special little courtyard with some collectively shared toys. E has become obsessed with the Blue Car: a plastic, fisher price car sized just for toddlers. She hasn't managed to figure out the flintstones style engine but is very content to sit in it, pushing buttons and turning the wheel before getting out and back in again. We've met several other "babies" and Eleanor is loving them (though today she was talking about riding "more airlplane" and about "Mimi and Momou."

For more exciting pics from the roadtrip of Jason and Matt, check my picasa web album (see link to the right) a little later.
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LeLe said...

Don't you just love unsecured wireless connections? Haha...suckers.

I LOVE the landscaping on the apartment building. And I also love Craftsman-style homes. Such a neat-looking place. I wish you all the best in CA! Hope the weather's nicer there than here in all this Arkansas humidity.

mollykf said...

I can't believe how beautiful that house looks. We're very jealous.

Pat Frank said...

I am so glad you are getting settled in and liking your new home. That house is beautiful. I'm kind of envious. I hope school is great too. We enjoyed see the McNary family. We really missed them. Keep up the blog and I can watch Eleanor grow up. Miss ya'll.

The Fanks said...

What a beautiful building! Has it always been a multi-family dwelling?

M. Lumpkin said...

We choose to believe our non-secure network neighbors are not suckers, but good-hearted, generous souls who see fit in their budget to share the bounty of free internet with us.

The way the house looks on the outside is by far its most fetching aspect. We really like it too.

We don't know all its history yet, though it has likely been owned by the school since the fifties, our apartment managers tell us it was built around 1908. Near as I can tell it is subdivided into about seven spaces all of fairly idiosyncratic origin. For you really curious folks here's a link to our idiosyncratic floor plan.

Dear Molly, I can only suggest to allay your feelings of envy that you would not be jealous of our rent. :)

Just got back from the beach today. Pics forthcoming.

M. Lumpkin said...

the aforementioned link

Sooz said...

Beautiful home!

LeLe said...

Yes, since you ARE on a theological seminary campus, maybe suckers wasn't the right word...maybe they are good-hearted people or maybe they are oblivious to the fact that you can secure your connection. Either way, you win!