Monday, July 30, 2007

More Birthday

(I hope you can see the picture now. I uploaded it again.)

Whenever we ask Eleanor what she wants for her birthday, she responds with "more birthday." This year she will be celebrating her birthday no less than four times, so I guess she gets her wish. Her first birthday celebration was at Matt's parents' house. She was very excited about the "bubba crackers" (bear crackers or Teddy Grahms) on the cake.

In other fun news, today Eleanor counted using "one." In the past she has always just said "two, twee" and more than one of anything has been "twee." Twice today she counted correctly, first when she was putting on her shoes ("one mink shoe, two mink shoe" "mink" = pink) and at the library on the elevator she counted the floors as we went up.


LeLe said...

The photo didn't show up. At least not on my computer.

Some family of mine has a two year old and her mother bought her this set of "counting bears" at Office Depot. There are several different colored cups with small bears of the same colors. The point is for the child to put the pink bears in the pink cup and learn to count at the same time (there are other colors). Thought I'd pass that on since she likes pink and bears.

FNWyers said...

Sorry,the photo didn't show up on our computer either.

Sooz said...

I see the photo and that cake is too cute. I know very few people that don't love Teddy Bears. Happy Birthday to Eleanor!

Jennie said...

Why is it that toddlers start with two? My nephew Jake does that, too. Interesting. Is one too hard to say or something?

joshuadf said...

Happy Birthday! Cedar has been enjoying picking "thwee books" for bedtime though I'm not sure she's actually counting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lumpkins:). Happy Birthday elanor. I hope you have a great 2nd year;) (it is #2 right?). Hey, I was just wondering where are you moving to? I gathered from the recent posts that you are moving somewhere. Right now I am still in Cabot, well, in between trips, and in a few weeks I move to Fort Worth. Just wanted to know where you are moving, and if you could give me your address?

alamat apa mu? Aku punya oleh-oleh (teh dan permen durian untuk mu:). Aku mau mail yang itu to you:). Seriously I do.