Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Lollypop

Every time we go to the post office, the nice lady asks if Eleanor is old enough for a sucker. I always say, "Not quite" and she always says, "Okay, but I get to give her her first sucker." Since I realized this might be our last trip to this post office, I allowed the sucker. To say Eleanor enjoyed it would be an understatement. The sucker lasted over an hour and was thrown away without protest when it was time for lunch. Although when Eleanor saw this picture she wistfully said, "wucker trash" and went to see if she could find it.
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LeLe said...

I think it's so cool how you make acquaintances at all the local places you go during your errands. The only people who ever recognize me are the pharmacists and pharmacy students at Kroger since we spend so much money on scripts there...they now know me by name!

I'm really gonna miss you guys (even though I haven't seen you in ages). Good luck with the move and keep us posted on everything!

Sooz said...

Gotta start the sucker addiction at some point in life...might as well be right now. So cute!