Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Weekend

Friday, the good chaplains with whom I have worked these past two years took me out for a goodbye lunch at Cafe Bossa Nova. Excellent.

Saturday morning we met Alice, Silas and Micah at the new Chick-fil-A to play in the play-place. They had a great time, broken arm notwithstanding.

Tonight Melody's mother took us out for pizza at Damgoode pies. Eleanor made friends with the hipster music snobs behind us and found a new friend in her reflection in the window.

I'm not sure how I feel about the low-quality images from my camera phone. They're nowhere near as good as our DSLR, and not even as good as our old point and shoot, but dangit, there's something to be said for a camera in your pocket at all times. It invovles a bit of a shift in aesthetic but at times it's kind of like shooting with a pinhole camera, or an old plastic toy camera with light leaks. And with the instant image review you can really experiment and get some interesting effects.

What do you think?


Sooz said...

Gotta love the insta-camera that a mobile phone gives even though the quality isn't that great sometimes. Love the last picture of E's nose all squishy. Cute as a bug!

M. Lumpkin said... a bug indeed.

Our loyal commentor, Sooz. We can count on you when no one else pipes up.

Remind me again how we came to have you as such a regular reader of our fair Eleanorblog?

LeLe said...

Sooz is my friend from good ole Sheridan. She reads all the blogs I have on my blogroll.