Friday, July 07, 2006

USA is Getting Smart

I have a new dream car.

These Smart Cars, which have been available in Europe for years, will be available in the US in 2008. Unfortunately, they don't have a backseat for a carseat. So, if you don't have a carseat that needs a backseat, consider allowing me to live vicariously through you and your new Smart Car. There are a lot of advantages, including incredible gas mileage (50-60+ mpg). Also, you would never have to help your friends move.

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Eveline said...

One nice tip I would like to share with you is that the Smart Cars are already available in the USA. ZAP (Stock Symbol:ZP - NYSE), a California-based Company, imports them, modifies them to American Standards and distributes them to its dealers. There is no need to wait until 2008 to save money with gas and have a cool car. Check it out at