Sunday, July 16, 2006

And a Barn Full of Memories

Friday when I went shopping, I found Gerber baby foods on sale for 13 cents per jar. I don't think I'll have to buy any more. Especially since Eleanor is much more interested in feeding herself than being fed (aren't we all?).

Here is a veiw from one of our windows.

Does this bring back memories for anyone else? I found this barn complete with several animals and people at a rummage sale.


Viator said...

Why yes, as a matter of fact, that barn brings back GHASTLY memories of church nurseries in which I spent many an unhappy hour surrounded by much-drooled-on plastic toys, and accompanied by what sounded like Darth Vader giving a homily over the three-dollar speaker mounted invariably behind the row of rocking chairs and just above the cribs where it was imagined that infants might "nap."

Oh, and let me be the latest to tell you that that's one really really ridiculously good looking baby you guys have there.

Love to hear the podcast, Matt. I don't know that I've congratulated you yet--well done! Big achievement. Wish Shane could have been there.

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

I actually liked the little animals, and of course putting things inside and taking them out.

What's a veiw? That looks like a nice one, whatever it is.