Friday, July 07, 2006

Old and New

We very much miss our friends who have moved to various coasts.*

At the same time, we welcome and enjoy the company of friends who have moved here.

We do not miss the old floor that was in Eleanor's room.

We are very happy with the new floor that my dad put in. He let me use the nail gun. It was fun.

I had to wake Eleanor up from this peaceful slumber to make an evening appointment.

*In the picture, Brandy is holding a white picture frame that we received as a wedding gift. If you know who gave that gift (given at the wedding), please let us know. The card must have been either forgotten or separated from the gift and I have been wondering about it for three years now. A reward will be given to anyone who has information which leads to the solving of the mystery.


Viator said...

Nice picture.
Nice to be missed.
NOT as nice to know that we're being (sniff) replaced by NEW friends. Or if not (sniff) replaced, then (sniff) supplemented.

Just remember the old song about friends old and new; gold and silver. All that. We're not insecure--we just miss you.

Warm thoughts of last 4th of July, all together on the portico de Peabody. Luke with his Bride, Brandy with beagle, Mel with child, me with my ducks, and Matt with that kid's head in his lap. Speaking of things Wakefieldian, have they a blog? Do they ever check in on this one?

Viator said...

Additionally . . .

NPR's "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me!" reported this week (albeit in a clips show) that a german bus driver drove for two miles (or the metric equivalent) before realizing that he had hit a SmartCar which, along with its unhurt driver, had become a more or less permanent fixture on the bus grill. A "Wait Wait" commentator was quick to comment that this ensured superb mileage.

ange said...

i gave y'all that picture frame and i'm soooooOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOooooo insulted that you didn't know that just by looking at it. i guess we're not as close as i THOUGHT we were.

jennie said...

What's the prize? A thank-you note?

I can't get over the blue eyes on Eleanor's friend. Wow.

Viator said...

A reward* will be given to anyone who can post something fresh on this blog.

*Reward consists of an eager and supportive readership, supplies limited, some restrictions may apply.

the fanks. said...

jennie, as eleanor's friend's father, i appreciate you acknowledging his cuteness. or at least his eyes' cuteness. -joel