Monday, July 31, 2006

A Plug For Kevin Sites

Hey, a couple of comments from two new commenters (not to mention one from Ben whose constant comments keep us going)! Thanks for tolerating the stark juxtaposition of the conflict in Lebanon with the usual baby fare, but perhaps it can be a reminder to all of us that these people whose homes are being bombed, especially the kids, are someone's babies, loved and doted upon just as much as we do to Eleanor. I read back over the post and see it's a bit dark, and I'll admit I wrote it late one pensive night, face illumined by a screen showing horrible things.

I'm glad some of you read and found the articles helpful. The internet can be a crystal ball showing us so many things, next door and a half a world away, some of which we should look at and others we shouldn't. But one good thing it does is give voice to people like Dr. Accad.

Another voice I've found compelling is that of Kevin Sites. I had previously dismissed his "solo journalism" news site "Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone" on Yahoo! as sensational. Aside from the romantic, adventurous notion of backpacking through remote, war-torn destinations to bring the stories of the people there to the West, his work, I think is quite well done. It preserves the rawness of the expereinces he's having without much time to ovely edit and produce "slick" stories. They feel more true. The video and images he has taken from Tyre particularly are very powerful, and particularly helpful in understanding just what is going on there and how it is shaping the emotional landscape in the Arab world.

Forgive me for another non-eleanor post. She is 1/3 of this Pumpkin with an L, after all.

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Viator said...

Hey Lumpkins,

All three thirds of the punkin' . . .

It's late (for an old married guy, anyway), and I'm sore from a 25-mile bike ride this evening, but felt the need for a quick listening of "On a Shelf Somewhere" before bed.

I'll check out Sites's site in the morning. I'm sure it'll go down well with my Cheerios. You do find the darndest links, Matt. This one is very of the moment. I was reflecting today on the power of image vs. sound information. More specifically, since a sob or a rifle crack can seize your innards with the same force as a graphic photo, visceral vs. mediated data. I get so much of my news from NPR and print media rather than from audiovisual sources that, when I do see a news broadcast or a CNN video clip, I am often shocked at how reconnected I suddenly feel to an event whose particulars I may well have been following in very close detail. There's a reason they put faces on milk cartons (is that still done?)--we're warm communal creatures, and scared of the dark. Seeing may no longer be believing in this age of CGI, but it is sometimes the difference between knowing and feeling. That's one reason I'll probably be lining up to plunk down my seven bucks to see "WTC" when it opens. And why I enjoy pictures of Eleanor.