Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Take Things Out of the Basket Game

Eleanor's new favorite game is taking things out of containers. She has a basket of small board books, a basket of toys, and a mixing bowl full of ducks. All are emptied (and refilled) numerous times a day. She has begun to show preference for a certain toy (a giraffe) and will work with the agility of the toy claw at an arcade to get it out.


Anonymous said... that game:). She is a cutie. Matt, anda sudah lancar di bahasa Indonesia. Saya biasa ngomong-ngomong di bahasa campur! Anda tau? My speaking is much better than my writing! Anyway, good to look at what your little family is doing:).


the fanks. said...

and to think, all this time i thought the song went, "take me out to the ball game."