Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Banana

This morning I left innocent Eleanor in her booster seat for a minute while I stepped into the kitchen to mix up some oatmeal for her breakfast.

She clearly had other ideas about breakfast. I didn't realize this was within reach.

Since it was requested, I broke off some bite size pieces for her to try to eat.

It took awhile for her to catch all those slimey bits, but the reward was sweet.

And a totally unrelated picture. Eleanor loves licking mirrors. We don't know if she is trying to kiss herself or taste herself.


Pat Frank said...

Hi, Pat Frank here. I was sad to hear Eleanor didn't feel good Sunday. Megan was in town and said ya'll were going to come to church. You are welcome anytime. I just love to look at the pictures. Is Matt still in NC for his whatever? Keep the pictures coming.

Cross said...

I was starting to wonder if you guys were okay, since you hadn't posted in several days. . . hope Eleanor's ear infections are all better now! Talk to you soon, Sam, Becca, & Kyla

the fanks. said...

So that's Eleanor's quote at the top of your blog? I think that's what she's doing with the mirror. Banana's can be tricky little creatures. Can't trust them as far as you can throw them. Eleanor, you're lucky that you got it, before IT got you.

the fanks. said...

i believe eleanor's version of the quote would actually say something along the lines of (and i apologize, eleanor if you feel like i'm putting words in your mouth), "i don't like at myself in the mirror 'cause i'm a narcissist, i simply like to give it a lick."

maybe eleanor and sage francis could get together and chat. you know, rewrite some of his lyrics, make 'em a little more appealing for today's infant audiences. -joel

ange said...

i always study eleanor's pictures carefully to see if she looks more like matt or melody. but i never can decide.