Tuesday, March 14, 2006


A few days ago I picked up Frank Miller's graphic novel/comic anthology "Batman: the Dark Knight Returns".

It was great. I couldn't put it down. If you liked last year's Summer film, "Batman Begins," then you might want to pick it up and see where a lot of the ideas came from for fleshing out Batman's psychological depth.

It reminded me how much I used to love comics. Last year I read a graphic novel entitled "Blankets" by Craig Thompson. It is perhaps the most powerful use of the graphic medium for narrative purposes I've ever seen. Beautiful. It got me thinking that I might like to try again at my childhood ambition of drawing a comic (if not a 600 page novel). And I did have hundreds of minutes to kill working at the clinic. Below is what happened.


My problem is that I never finished it, and I'd like to. So I'm taking creative input on what should happen next. You, our loyal readership, must help me finish what I started. What should happen next? I'm trying to stick with the theme of no dialogue, but I can be swayed. Let me know what you think and I promise I won't leave you hanging. But in the mean time, I'll have to find that legal pad again...


ange said...

i really like the pictures of eleanor in the daffy dils.

i just now noticed the npr links on the side. i listen to npr podcasts all the time. my favorite one: "on words." what's your favorite?

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

DC ending: Batman catches robber before police arrive.

Marvel ending: robber turns out to be mutant with special powers; X-Men have to track him down after he defeats police.

Image ending: robber is Spawn; he has been experiencing psychological anguish over robbing a bank, but the money goes to a good cause so it's probably justified.

Have you ever read the Sandman series? I read them collected as graphic novels from the library; the first few are so-so but from issue #8 on the writing and artwork are amazing. Warning: it's on DC's "mature" label Vertigo with some fairly graphic violence.

(By the way, that NPR link is borked; you need to add an http:// probably.)

M. Lumpkin said...

Link fixed, I've not read sandman, but Drew Rogers suggested I should about five years ago. He also suggested I read his book, but I suppose I was dragging my feet a bit so he took it back (doubtless to give it to someone with more disicpline). Love the suggestions. More more.

As for podcasts, I'm planning a post on my favorite podcasts soon, so you'll just have to wait, Ange. I've not heard "On Words" yet though. All Songs Considered has a podcast version, but it's usually better if you go stream the whole thing from the site (as it's less abreviated).

the fanks. said...

I think the woman should explode. Next door there's a circus going on and the explosion causes the lions and the pterodactyl ("wingfinger") to get out. The whole city goes into a chaotic state. Who will save them??!!

M. Lumpkin said...