Monday, October 03, 2005

At the Art Show

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On Friday we took Eleanor to the pediatrician for her well-baby visit. She tolerated the visit fairly well, except for the four shots. Her face turned red, her mouth opened wide, her eyes clamped shut, but she was too upset to cry. Within a minute she had forgotten about the shots and was on her way to sleep.

Her official weight at two months is 11 pounds and 4 ounces. I figured out that she has gained an average of 1.4 ounces per day. If she continues to grow at this rate, by the time she starts kindergarten she will weigh 193 pounds. (I really need to find more to do).

She is starting to smile more and has a growing repertoire of expressions. Right now she’s flipping me off, but I’ll excuse that for now.

On Saturday, we went with my parents to see my brother Josh’s senior show. This is a picture from the show. You can see one of Josh’s paintings in the background.

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Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Tell Josh congrats on the show, wish we could have seen it.