Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pretty in Pink (and hating it)

Pretty in Pink (and hating it)
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Eleanor recieved this beautiful little dress from our good friend Chessie. I was anxious for her to wear it before she outgrew it (she is growing so fast!). We dressed her up all cute for church, complete with lace socks and little shoes. She was happy through most of church, content to lay on the pew inbetween us and stare at the blank pew back. Toward the end of the sermon when the preacher decided to pause to let a point sink in, Eleanor poops quite loudly. People three pews up turned around to see what the racket was only to see Matt and myself shaking with laughter. Eleanor was still lying contently on the pew...out of sight to the curious on-lookers.

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D/S McNary said...

There is honor in blaming such noises on dogs, but not on angels. Come on you guys, which one of you really did it?