Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Common Conversation

"Is that your baby?"
"You look too young to have a baby."
"I know."
"Are you too young to have a baby?"

This is a real, true-to-life conversation that I had with a middle-aged church woman this morning at the Bible Study I recently joined. Sigh.


Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Man, I discovered Bloglines and I think you've made a post every day since I added you.

It's funny, I don't think we've ever been told that. I guess you might look younger than we do. (?)

Anonymous said...

Melody, You're not old enough to have a baby. You were not supposed to start dating till you were 32.
Your anonamus father.

Anonymous said...

I had some very similar comments when I had Jamie. When I was 22 people thought I was 14.
Aunt Glenna