Monday, October 31, 2005

Karl Rove?

So, my grandpa says that Eleanor looks like Karl Rove. Do you see the resemblance?


Viator said...

"Mamas, don't let your babies
grow up to be Karl Rove . . ."

I expect that Baby E. will ultimately prove more dateable, and less indictable.

How's the leg Mel?

M. Lumpkin said...

Ah, it feels so normal to be on opposite sides of the world discussing my leg. The Doppler study showed that most of the clot was gone. Yipee!

D/S McNary said...

Now, now. With a name like Eleanor Katherine, such light and purity will never drop out of college and make a living from perfecting deception. We pray she never turns to the dark side.

joel said...

i feel like i'd really need to see eleanor in glasses to decide for sure. either that, or karl rove in a pink onesie.

M. Lumpkin said...

Hmm...where can I find a onsie big enough for Karl Rove??? It shall be done.