Friday, September 02, 2005

Bear Bath

Bear Bath
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We went to Kroger last night. My curiosity had bested me and I wanted to know the weight of our child. We discreetly propped her up on the produce scale, much to the amusement of a woman passing by. She weighs over eight and a half pounds. What a good, fat baby we have!

While Matt is learning how to minister to the sick and weary in the hospital, I am learning how to meet the needs of a very demanding and small person. She is now a month old. That seems quite impossible.

You might notice that with Matt back at work, there are fewer pictures. I’ll work on that. I know you come here for the pictures and not the words. There are a few new pictures on the flicker site, click on the picture here to access them.


Aaron Cardona said...

Dear Sir,

I do hereby wish to let it be known that I have found fault with thy dispersions upon my skills with the discreet Asian arts of combat. I do hereby wish to make it known that I shall demand satisfaction of thee. If ye do desirest to meet me upon a field of honor, there are many by whom your acceptance of this herein contained challenge may be carried. If ye should deny such satisfaction, yea, know that ye shall be stript of all thine honor, and in due ceremony, ye shall be stript of thy right to call thyself gentleman, nor shall ye be allowed to purchase any goods which do contain that confection known to the gods as "nougat."

I do await thy answer forthwith in this same public venue.

-- Aaron Michael Cardona

PS. I stole your hubcaps.

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Just talked with Josh and Ayumi and realized I've been derelict in checking for new pictures. Very cute. We hadn't even tried blocks, I'll see if Cedar likes them too...

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

It works! We improvised fuzzy blocks with rolls of TP (the kind that don't unravel until you rip a bit off). I feel like a bad father for not figuring this out earlier. :(

By the way, did you guys hear about the Beehive fire?

M. Lumpkin said...

I am unaware of any dispersions made upon said skills. I think my observations were that you moved your hands really fast in an E. Honda thousand hand slap fasion forcing your opponents into retreat. If such a statement demands satisfaction then we shall have to find a venue in which I am better equiped to defend myself like say, a competition of knowledge of medical terminology, or perhaps a DJ battle. Even so, I am not so confident as to know the outcome of such a duel. As for my martial skills they have grown rusty and inflexible from disuse.

Consiider thyself thusly answered.


Anonymous said...

what a kid...