Tuesday, August 10, 2004

When we got back from Singapore, I surprised by the announcement that I would be teaching two Bible classes a week in elementary—first and second grade. The classes have a Sunday school feel, but are supposed to be graded. With little time to prepare for the first lesson, I decided to talk about Noah.

I walked into the first grade class where 19 pairs of eyes were looking everywhere but at me. I finally got them all to sit down and look in my general direction. Not wanting to lose them, I began to draw on the board—a big boat, a man with a beard in a funny looking dress, the man’s wife also in a dress, animals.

In an attempt to explain why Noah was spared from God’s wrath, I drew an arrow up from Noah’s head to a heart that said “love.” I said, “Noah loved God.” I drew an arrow up from all the other stick figures on the board to a heart that was crossed out and said, “These people did not love God.”
“They loved Satan,” came a voice from somewhere in the back.
“Well, I’m not sure if I would say that…” I started.
“No, they didn’t love Satan because the devil wasn’t there until Jesus came,” spoke up 6-year-old Edward. He continued, “Satan lived with God in heaven. His name was Lucifer then. One day he broke something and he wouldn’t say he was sorry. God made him leave.”

Shocked and slightly taken aback by Edward’s explanation of the origin of Satan, I said, “Right, and so Noah…”

Next week I think I’ll tackle eschatology. I’m sure Edward’s got it all figured out.



Viator said...

I would be the cream in your coffee, but I'll settle for being the milk in your tea.

I tell you, I am CONSUMED with the desire to know just what it was that Satan broke! I think maybe it was God's glasses, leaving Him with difficulty distinguishing the lists of "Good Little Boys and Girls" from that of the "Bad Little Boys and Girls," which would pretty much explain the Psalms.

Jules said...

What a coincidence! I am unexpectedly teaching as well. Jr. high/high school Math, to be exact, with a daily 5th-6th grade Bible lesson. I am interested to see if I receive any similar responses. :) Beware of entering the realm of eschatology lest your students get an unintended dose of LaHaye from young Edward.
Oh! And I hope to arrive in Jakarta on October 31 on a Compassion International trip. If I can work out the plane ticket situation, would you be interested in a visitor in early November?


M. Lumpkin said...

always... email when closer to the date to work out logistics. I think we have a break around then... but you never know :)