Saturday, August 14, 2004

Air Means Water

Ah, another saturday, another cup of Sulawesi Toraja Coffee, another lazy morning spent chatting with my brother about the excentric intricacies of Mormon history. Just a notice to all our loyal readers to check the new photo album "Air means Water." They're all from last weekend's hike to a series of amazing waterfalls near here. I think you'll like them, and Jason (Roe), you can count this toward my credit of shooting more "landscape" shots. But if you're really looking for photographs as opposed to these snapshots you have to wait until I get back to see the stuff I shot on film (yes I dragged both the digital and film cameras up that river and back down it and they both still work, much to my surprise).

Enjoy, and remember: photos worth enjoying are photos worth commenting on :)

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