Saturday, August 07, 2004

If you or someone you know is responsible for a deposit into our USBank account, please let us know.

My mom sent me a warning e-mail that there has been a scam where an e-mail or pop up window asks you for bank information. When you give the information to them, somehow your money gets put into an account in Thailand. Maybe somehow we are Thailand. Matt said not to question it.

"In English, it doesn't work when I tell my class that, it doesn't work when I tell the tv that." --Matt

He is watching tv, which just got much more interesting: small dogs on remote controled Harley Davidson motorcycles in hospitals in Ohio. I think this is a matter worth looking into.

"American standard of care, my foot! There were no dogs in the Singapore hospital." --Matt


Viator said...

Might it be that the good folks at Blogger, racked with guilt at misplacing all your feedback, are attempting to compensate you by way of sureptitious bank deposits?

So Mel, how long's it been since someone's inquired after your !@??$#% foot?

Anonymous said...

What is my "password"?
This new look is confusing but really nice.
Now guess who I am.....