Monday, August 23, 2004

Things I miss (in no particular order):

- checking for mail
- Wolverine comics
- English speaking churches
- the way we could go in a circle in our house
- consistent water
- warm water
- calling people
- driving
- Brookshires
- cold milk and Oreos
- milk that does not come in a box
- shopping in Hot Springs
- Mexican food
- telemarketers
- the funky smell of our yellow house
- being understood
- understanding
- trains
- bathtubs
- the always interesting family dinners
- raspberry vinaigrette
- King of the Hill
- The Simpsons
- Hot Springs
- Gap
- dinner parties
- answering machines
- having a dryer
- our washing machine
- Wendy’s
- long evenings with OBU friends
- screened windows
- Sunday afternoons at the McNary’s
- ER
- the tea kettle that whistles
- early morning fog
- Super Mario Sunshine
- shampoo and conditioner in one
- microwaves
- sitting in the grass at OBU
- oak trees
- bagels with strawberry cream cheese
- Thrio’s
- (never quote me on this) Wal-Mart
- Baskin Robbins
- books
- book stores
- rugs
- both of my legs being the same size
- stop signs

Things I don’t miss:
- Dr. Phil
- washing dishes
- the funky smell of things rotting in dishes we hadn’t washed
- Brittany Spears
- Hollywood Squares
- knowing which celebrity was dating/marrying/divorcing whom
- short skirts/low shirts dominating the market
- pharmaceutical commercials
- central air
- bad political commercials


Glenna James said...

Bob and I ate supper with Mary and David Sunday evening. It wasn't planned, it just worked out. She said she had talked to you Sunday morning. I haven't called you, but I have prayed for you. I hope you continue to improve.

Anonymous said...

My kingdom for some good mexican food! We have yet to find a good mexican restaurant up here, so we've resorted to becoming one ourselves. Still working on the whole guacamole thing, however.

On second thought, maybe we can just go without it. RH

Adam said...


One thing I miss...

"Hello meester!!"

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...I miss ya'll. I just remembered you had a site and immediatley went to it. I'm in Texarkana working at a dance studio nights and being lazy during the day. Working w/a youth group as a volunteer at my church. Love the kids...they're really mature! Anyways, I hope ya'll are doing great.

love, Shauna

Anonymous said...

dear melody and matt,

yesterday I watched king of the hill in your honor.



Anonymous said...

Oh, Hi!!! I have been taping Dr. Phil and Extra since you left and was going to send it as a big surprise. Oh, well, foiled again. I don't know your e-mail address, so thought I would leave a comment. How is your leg? Obviously not completely healed. Sheri and family moved to Siloam Springs in June. I miss them. Chris had started school and already loving it. Sheri is trying to get Hunter into Head Start. He needs it. All is well with the rest of the Frank family. We still miss ya'll. Love ya, Pat

M. Lumpkin said...

you have no idea how at home it makes us feel to hear from you. We're glad to hear about Chris, Hunter and Sherri. I hope Hunter enjoys headstart as much as Chris is enjoying school. I enjoyed my time in that area of the state. You can email us at for Matt and for Melody, of course. We don't have your email address either. We'd love to know what's going on in the church. We've heard that the words posted here often find their ways into those hallowed halls.

How does it feel now that the whole of what was the staff has fled the borders of our fair nation?