Thursday, April 29, 2010


Next month, Matt and I will celebrate seven years of being married.  This weekend, we will move to our seventh address. We don't really enjoy moving, but somehow we keep doing it.  Here's our history of houses:

First, our fun little yellow house in Malvern.  We lived here for almost a year.  That wasn't our cat, but it kept getting trapped under the house, so I named it.  My favorite part of this house was the lovely front window...and the hammock in the back yard. 

From Malvern, we moved to Manado, Indonesia.  This was by far our most colorful residence.
We lived here for eight months.  The house was big.  We had kittens in the attic, but they were never tame enough for me to catch or name.
From there, we moved back to Little Rock.  I don't have any pictures from our first address there.  A church let us stay in their mission house for six weeks.  We were grateful for their benevolence as it gave us a chance to find suitable housing without feeling too rushed.  I was in the throws of morning sickness and have fond memories of the comfort of the little mint green house.

We found a little apartment in Little Rock where we lived for about 18 months.
And I do mean little.  We joke that it took Eleanor so long to learn to crawl because she had no where to go in this place.  Our entire living room:
When Eleanor was 10 months old, we moved in to a much bigger apartment.
Within a week, she had learned to crawl.  This apartment was great.  We called it our treehouse because it was the second floor and surrounded by trees.  It had built in bookshelves and walk in closets. 
Eleanor loved the deck.

And so did we.
We were sad to leave our treehouse, but it was time to pack up to go to Pasadena. 

For the past two and a half years, we have lived in this house:
We have been blessed with wonderful neighbors who have become great friends.  This is the only house Eleanor really remembers and it is Charlotte's first home.
But it's small and hard for four people to live without constantly stepping on each other.  Tomorrow we move into number 7.  It's just across the street, so it won't be a big move.  I'm sad to leave our big brown house.

Luckily, Eleanor has always loved packing.


Anonymous said...

I thought that was Jason with Charlotte then I remembered Matt's haircut!

"CELEBRATED" said...

Happy Anniversary! And yes, Matt I do like your haircut! :)