Saturday, April 03, 2010

Fuller Egg Hunt

I took Eleanor to Fuller's egg hunt. Last year, the toddler/preschool set were mostly not fast enough to get any eggs. Since Eleanor was on the older end of this set, before we went we talked about how she could help some of the younger kids find eggs or give some of the ones she found to younger kids. She took this to heart. As much as she loved candy, she gave away at least half of her eggs before we made it home. Also to prepare for the possibility of her not finding any eggs, she went with her basket already half full. Here she is showing off one of her eggs.
(For the record, she asked me very specifically to fix her hair in this way, "with two pony tails up here on top.")
Before the hunt even started, she shared an egg with Ainsley.

Eleanor and Eli show off their goods.
Eleanor, Eli and Ainsley post hunt. I love the look on Ainsley's face.

Charlotte woke up after the eggs were all found and came out to play. She thought she would just get some of Eleanor's while Eleanor was distracted by her candy bracelet. Charlotte is not crawling yet, but she can move many inches on her bottom. She's a lot of fun to watch.

I've got to work on taking pictures without getting my shadow in them.
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I love C's chubs!