Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tedious Baby Video

A few weeks ago, Charlotte started to act as if she might be wanting to think about starting to crawl.  I told her she had to wait until we were in our new apartment.  She obliged.  We moved in on Saturday.  On Sunday she started propelling herself forward, not quite crawling, but traveling none the less.  She's still slow, thankfully.  I'm hoping to get more boxes unpacked and the apartment a bit more baby safe before she is fully mobile.

The fun part about her mobility is how much she loves it.  She is so proud of herself and just thinks it is hilarious when she is able to move from where she is to her desired object (usually something of Eleanor's).  I had to take a video today.  I realize that very few people will want to watch a minute and a half of Charlotte stumbling forward.

Charlotte "Crawling" from m lumpkin on Vimeo.


Lauren said...

She is PRECIOUS! Jonathan and I enjoyed every second of the video, but we're strange people. =)

daedalus1898 said...

My niece is a few months behind Charlotte; when I saw her last month she was still in faceplant mode when attempting to crawl. Go Charlotte, go!